About the company Pērkam Auto

ENG – PerkamAuto is a great way to sell car. If you need a quick and easy way to sell your car, then you are in the right place.

PērkamAuto buys used cars of various models and years.
Tell us about your car when filling out the application, our professionals will review and evaluate it. We will contact you to make the best offer for your car. Our professionals will come to evaluate your car.

How we set the price:

Car model and year of manufacture.

We find out the average price of your car, taking into account the year of manufacture and model.


If the car mileage is lower, the amount offered increases, but if it is higher, the amount decreases.

Car equipment.

If the car has several additional options, it increases the value of the car.

Engine type and transmission.

Diesel engines are usually more economical, and therefore cars equipped with them tend to be more expensive. The type of gearbox also has its own effect on the price of the car.

Technical condition of the car.

This applies to the engine, body and suspension. The worse the car, the lower the value of the car.

Interior condition

If the interior of the car is in good condition then the price of the car may increase, but if the opposite then decrease.

Tires and wheels.

Beautiful and high-quality wheels will definitely increase the value of the car. The same can be said about tires, if the tires are good and good winter (or summer) tires are also included, then the value of the car increases.

Existence of a service book.

Number of previous owners

This indicator will not significantly affect the value of the car. A smaller number of previous owners is perceived as a plus, because with a smaller number of owners, the condition of the car is probably better.

Operating and storage conditions

If you know that the car has really been used sparingly and only parked in the garage, you can try to increase the value of your car by pointing out this fact.


If the car is originally equipped with additional improvements, then the value of the car increases. If you have made improvements yourself, it may reduce the value of the car.

Technical inspection

A new technical inspection will be seen as a plus for determining the value of the car.

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